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"21 products that can actually help you

wind down before bed, according to experts"

By Marissa Miller, CNN Underscored
Wed March 16, 2022

"High-Tech Health Trends (and more!)

to Watch from CES"

Published May 20, 2022
By Nancy Trent

"myAir Launches New Corporate Wellness Platform that

Harnesses Data & Nutrition to Create Stress Resilience"

Published May 31, 2022

"Three Ways Business Leaders

Can Approach Stress Management"

Published May 3, 2022
Rachel Yarcony

"How myAir uses the power of

data and personal nutrition to reduce stress"

Published May 19, 2022
By Megan Poinski

"Do you live in one of the ‘most stressed’ states?

Here’s where (and when) people are super frazzled"

Published March 30, 2022
By Chris Melore

“New Data Reveals the Most Stressed Hour and Day of the

Week for American Women”

Published March 09, 2022
By Comm Oddities

“MyAir marries big data with superfoods in personalized

stress-busting bars”

Publushed Jan 5, 2022
By Katherine Durrell

“This App Sends You Food To Combat Your Stress"

Published Feb 14, 2022
By Chase shudtack

“The 20 Best Brain-Supporting Snacks for

Focus and Memory"

Published April 25, 2022
By Karla Walsh

“Working Well: Rachel Yarcony Of myAir On How Companies Are Creating Cultures That Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness"

Published Jun 3, 2022
By Karen Mangia