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myAir smart food is an innovative, revolutionary dream come true developed by two food & pharma experts, seasoned entrepreneurs: Rachel Yarcony and Dovev Goldstein. 

As executives, parents, and caregivers to their elderly parents, both Rachel and Dovev felt their personal stress become a massive, impeding burden in their hectic lives. With chronic stress being linked to the six leading causes of death, this led them to seek a natural, plant-based “food for mood” solution to combat stress - a solution that they can easily merge into their daily routine to help them take control of their health and manage their personal stress levels. 

They gathered world-leading researchers, scientists, clinical herbalists, nutrition experts, and professors from UC Berkeley, McGill University, Tel Aviv University, and Universiteit Leiden, along with a top-notch technology team, to empower millions to manage their stress through personalized, functional nutrition.

Together, they introduced the first personalized nutrition concept for stress management, creating a long-term health regime based on ongoing monitoring and rooted in data. Watch this video to learn more about myAir.

myAir acts based on the values of:

  • The power of super-plants as nature’s first technology 

  • Bullet-proof trust, backed by science and uncompromising quality

  • One size does NOT fit all, so neither should stress management solutions

  • If you can’t measure your stress, you can’t manage it 

  • Learning never ends - empowering a healthier future through data

myAir gives back: "We all deserve a sustainable stressless routine" myAir’s goal is to empower all while helping improve mental wellness. myAir has joined other forward-thinking companies and partnered with Pledge 1%. Their mission is to focus on being a force for good within the community. myAir looks forward to aiding in the mental health crisis that has been growing worldwide. myAir is proud to dedicate 1% of its profits, 1% of its products, and 1% of its employees' time to giving back

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