Who we are

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myAir smart food is an innovative, revolutionary dream come true developed by two seasoned entrepreneurs: Rachel Yarcony and Dovev Goldstein

As executives, parents, and caregivers to their elderly parents, both Rachel and Dovev felt their personal stress become a massive, impeding burden in their hectic lives. With chronic stress being linked to the six leading causes of death, this led them to seek a natural, plant-based “food for mood” solution to combat stress - a solution that they can easily merge into their daily routine to help them take control of their health and manage their personal stress levels. 

They were lucky enough to get to know a brain researcher who shared the data he gained from clinical research he conducted, which demonstrated that different formulations of adaptogens (botanic extracts, active molecules from plants), create a different effect on one’s mood.

That was the first “EUREKA MOMENT” :)

They gathered world-leading researchers, scientists, clinical herbalists, nutrition experts, physicians, and professors from UC Berkeley, McGill University, Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Universiteit Leiden, along with a top-notch technology team, to disrupt the food industry with the first personalized nutrition solution for stress management. 

Together, this dream team is empowering millions to manage their stress through personalized, functional nutrition. Bringing together two arms of science, plant-based formulations, and big data deep profiling, it’s a game-changer in the world of food. 

myAir acts based on the values of:

  1. The Power of Super-Plants as Nature’s First Technology 

  2. Bullet-Proof Trust, backed by science and uncompromising quality

  3. One size does NOT fit all, so neither should stress management solutions

  4. If you can’t measure your stress, you can’t manage it 

  5. Empowering a Healthier Future