Empower Employees’ Stress Resilience

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Building a new bank while supporting their employees 

The client

One Zero Digital Bank began to open their doors to their first customers in 2019 after receiving their license from The Bank of Israel. One Zero uses advanced technology to solve money management and make private banking services available to everyone. Their innovative technology and AI enable them to provide their clients with personal, human, and real money managers, who will look after their finances. One Zero’s mission is to build a bank while saving a ton on costs, which will enable them to offer competitive, transparent, and affordable rates for everyone, in the long-term.

myAir is a data-driven smart-food company, offering a personalized solution to deal with chronic stress.

The challenge

When work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths and results in $190 billion in healthcare costs yearly, employers begin to understand the drastic effects mental health has on the overall wellbeing of their employees. Roni Shany, Chief HR officer at One Zero Digital Bank believes that companies “need to provide effective tools for [their] employees” to counteract the rise of work-related stress and help reduce these rates. Wellness programs are not new and have been incorporated into company wellness packages since the mid-1970s. But there is a reason why workplace wellness has continued to decline. The one size fits all approach does not work, and innovative companies understand the need for a personalized solution.

The solution

myAir has made big strides in changing the way companies see wellness programs. myAir has created a personalized program that is simple and requires little to no effort, allowing all employees the ability to partake no matter their economic status, home life, or workload. myAir’s platform is unique to each employee’s needs, combining functional, plant-based nutrition with data driven tailored tools that allow employees to track their progress with a dynamic feedback loop. myAir’s mission is to empower employees to improve their stress resilience with tools that include personalized super-plant bars, GARMIN smartwatch, myAir Insights app, and 1:1 meetings with stressless routine experts.

The process

Employees take an initial stress assessment to determine their two main stress effects. Once these effects are determined, a box of personalized super-plant bars and a GARMIN smartwatch, of their choosing, is sent to them. Employees are encouraged to connect their smartwatch to the myAir Insights app to begin discovering how stress affects them and continue to update their cognitive state via in-app questions. Over the course of 3 months, employees receive monthly boxes of their updated mix of super-plant bars and 1:1 meetings with a stressless routine expert to guide them on their journey.

If you can’t measure your stress, you can’t manage it

The results

myAir conducted a qualitative research, led by our scientific team - Prof. Daniella Kaufer, Dr. Gil Lewitus, and Dr. Eddie Garber One Zero Digital Bank employment participation rose after myAir’s launch in the first month by 87%

96% of employees feel satisfied with the myAir platform

73% of employees agree with their 2 main stress effects

80% of employees feel that you have new tools to manage your stress

63% of employees reduced their high-stress level duration

Bullet-proof trust, backed by science and uncompromising quality:

“One Zero is the first organization that I worked for that really cared about me and my wellbeing and offered me tools to manage my wellbeing”

Daniel Goldberg, Data analyst, One Zero Digital Bank

“I always knew I had a stress problem but this is the first time in my life that I know that I can do something about it and I’m doing it.”

Hofit Primat, head of payments and treasury operations, One Zero Digital Bank

The Conclusion

When company’s hit the mark in regards to wellness programs, it creates a feeling from employees that their employers understand them and are aware of the real issues and struggles they are facing. If a wellness solution demands hours out of a workweek such as gym memberships do, the rate of that program actually having an impact on the employees wellbeing dramatically decreases. myAir requires behavioral assistance/modifications as opposed to a whole lifestyle change. myAir’s personalized data driven wellness program provides companies what they need to make a significant impact on their employees wellbeing, and gives employees the tools they need to improve their stress resilience.

One Zero