5 interior design hacks to reduce your anxiety

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Incorporate biophilic design

Adding nature to your living space is a practice that dates back thousands of years; biophilic design helps boost our wellbeing

Banish angst-inducing colors

 Living spaces should be painted with this in mind, which means avoiding mentally stimulating colors like orange and using soft, neutral colors that create a calming effect instead.

Get your lighting right

Bright light can intensify our feelings, both positive or negative. Blue light makes us more alert, making it the right choice for home studies, but it is something to be avoided in the bedroom where it can suppress melatonin production and stop us from drifting off to sleep.

Embrace minimalism

Acquiring more material goods isn’t necessarily a path to happiness. Many people adopt a minimal approach to their homes and opt for less furniture and detail to create a calming living space.

Get a good bed

A decent night’s sleep is paramount to wellbeing, and a lot of this comes down to the kind of bed we sleep in.

5 interior design hacks to reduce your anxiety