The science of personalized nutrition

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When talking about chronic stress – one size does not fit all. For example, stress might affect mainly at night, on sleep quality, or mainly in the mornings, on our energy levels. Chronic stress might create focus problems, muscles tension, and more.

In our research with GARMIN Health, we discovered that each one of us has two dominant stress effects.Each one of us deserves a personal solution. The next question would be – How should I know how stress affects me and which nutrition bar I need to eat ?

Luckily, we live in the age of big data and through our research on stress, we were able to develop a super-smart, patent-pending, algorithm based on AI technology. Through a GARMIN smart watch we analyze physiological data and combine it with Psychological data based on cognitive assessment That unique combination of mind and body creates the optimal profiling. Our algorithm analyzes the data from each person’s specific psychological and physiological profile, and decides what formulations will provide the most impactful stress routine. 

Our expertise is the ability to cross the cognitive data with Physiological responses to stress, including heart rate, respiration, sleep quality, and physical activity, which are tracked via smart wearable devices

It’s a game-changer in personalized nutrition!


In July 2020, a research conducted with GARMIN wearables proved that:

  • 73% of users demonstrated stress reduction after eating our superfood bars

  • 84% increased their sleep quality



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