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The academic world reveals that stress has many faces. Each one of us has a unique behavioral signature. The most effective way to manage our stress is by utilizing personalized data about our  mind and body. myAir provides you with the unique opportunity to track your performance and get new recommendations as your stress effects and wellness change.

  • Instead of searching for the best practices, you will discover YOUR best practices.

  • Instead of learning how best to sleep, you will discover how YOU need to sleep.

  • Instead of trying to find what is best to eat, you will discover what YOU should eat.

myAir insights will provide you with detailed information about your current stress status as well as your stress effects by connecting and gathering data from your smartwatch. Your Insights will help you track your performance and keep you updated on your stress trends in order to support  influential changes to your day-to-day routine.

How to Access your Insights:

  1. Login via our web app

  2. Download the myAir Insights app to your mobile ph

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